“I've been successful by putting the interests of my clients and partners ahead of my own. I'm more comfortable being in the background, and making others look good. Think of me as Jarvis to Iron Man, or Alfred to Batman... I want you to be the hero!”

Jeff Schottland

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jeff started his career in digital media during the early days of the internet (before Amazon and Apple ruled the world). While attending Union College, majoring in physics and economics, Jeff recognized a lack of online resources that would inform college students as to what businesses were in their college towns. The result? Jeff created CollegeTownUSA.com in his dorm room, a website dedicated to connecting inbound and current students with the businesses in and around their college campuses. The site grew to a database of over 10M businesses in over 4,000 college towns. Jeff evenutally sold CollegeTownUSA.com to College Enterprises, who merged the business with several other college-related sites and services and formed iCollege, which was then acquired by Blackboard Inc. All this, before Jeff turned 25.

From that point forward, Jeff has been a serial entrepreneur, constantly coming up with new ideas and looking to create the next big marketing solution.

For example, after selling his first internet business, he founded ProducersWEB.com, which quickly became the leading online community for insurance agents and financial advisors looking to improve their sales, discover new strategies, learn about new products and offers, and network with their peers. This loyal and engaged audience became the source of high-quality leads for the insurance companies and marketing organizations looking to reach them. Jeff sold this business to Wiesner Media, a leading B2B publisher in the financial services industry.

After selling his second business, Jeff switched gears a bit and worked as an 'intrapreneur' for various B2B media companies, including Summit Professional Networks and ALM. Here, Jeff expanded his lead generation expertise while working with - and learning from - some of the brightest minds in the B2B media space. After nearly a decade of running successful lead generation divisions, it was time for Jeff to return to his entrepreneurial roots.

After taking a year off to decompress and focus on other interests, Jeff launched Lead Marvels with Jon Michel in November 2017. This new and exciting chapter enables Jeff to leverage a vast knowledge base of successful lead generation solutions and strategies that have worked for nearly 2 decades, for dozens of media brands in a variety of industries.

When not working, Jeff volunteers his time with an international, non-profit organization focused on Bible education. He has been married to his wife Raini, for 11 years, and is quite the foodie and craft cocktail expert.