“I love the challenge of developing solutions which empower people to create their own visions, especially team development projects which need all of our skills to build something none of us could complete alone. When the final version works it is still a rush."

Jon Michel

Co-Founder, and Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan has over 25 years of experience in computer programming, software development, and website creation.

He is an expert in PHP, JavaScript, HTML and MySQL. He has been building lead generation and content management solutions for the last two decades and especially enjoys developing solutions in Laravel and Vue.

Jonathan and Jeff Schottland met in an internet cafe in 2000 when Jeff asked for help building a new website. The serendipitous meeting led to their first project, CollegeTown USA, and a working relationship that encompassed many successful ventures. They decided to launch their first company together, Lead Marvels, in November 2017, prompting some who knew both of them to ask, “what took you so long?”

Jonathan earned both a Masters Degree from Iona College and a Bachelors Degree from Syracuse University in New York. Jonathan has two children with his wife, Jennifer, of 20-years. He enjoys volleyball, hiking, chess, and fantasy books and games.