About Us

Your Opportunity. Our Promise.

Our team of passionate lead generation specialists has been helping publishers, associations and B2B Marketers generate leads for more than two decades. We’ve launched and managed so many lead generation programs that we stopped counting. From that experience, we’ve developed a ‘secret sauce’ to lead generation success; one that we apply daily for our partners.

We focus on publishing fully-managed content marketing solutions and products for our partners in order to improve their audience engagement metrics, while generating qualified leads for their advertising clients.

Our dedication to providing superior quality to our partners can be found in everything we do. It’s required to build strong partnerships and add value, which is what we’re all about.

When you work with Lead Marvels, it's like hiring new employees without needing extra computers and desks.

Our 'Core Values' are evident in every action and decision we make. Our partners see it and you will too:

  • Integrity: We believe in doing the right thing even when it’s not acknowledged by others, or convenient for us.
  • Quality: We maintain a strict and consistent commitment to standards of excellence to exceed expectations.
  • Trust: The number one influencing factor in our relationships, allowing for open communication and effective collaboration.
  • Innovation: We're constantly imagining better solutions to meet new requirements and the expanding needs of our partners.
  • People: Our people are our most important asset and they work tirelessly to ensure success for our partners.

We hope this helps you get to know us better.

Connect with our team of experts and find out how we can help you generate leads, syndicate content and accelerate growth.