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September 2023

New partnerships

We’re proud to welcome the San Diego County Bar Association (SDCBA) to our growing legal network. We now have 25 partners in the legal space, including state and regional bar associations and other organizations.

If you’re an advertiser wanting to syndicate thought leadership material to one of the largest networks of legal professionals in the industry, contact us to learn how we can help.

And be sure to check out the SDCBA Resource Hub, which already includes more than 170 resources for attorneys and other legal professionals, including guides, ebooks, research reports, white papers, videos, and more.

Platform improvements

A look at the new Membership Portal
A look at the new Membership Portal.
We are excited to release a groundbreaking update to our platform — the introduction of user accounts within our association partners' Resource Libraries. This marks the first time such a feature will be available.

Member benefits include seamless access to their historical downloads, the ability to tailor their content preferences, and much more.

Our purpose of this release is two-fold:

Elevating Resource Library engagement: By empowering members to create their own accounts, we aim to foster deeper and more meaningful engagement with the Resource Library platform and, ultimately, your association.
Generating more non-dues revenue: Another critical goal is to create a more fertile ground for our valued sponsors and advertisers. With user information already securely stored in their membership accounts, we can streamline the registration process for additional resources. This eliminates the burden of repetitive form filling, making it more convenient for members to explore valuable resources, resulting in more downloads and more revenue for our association partners. Moreover, this data allows us to effortlessly connect members with solution providers that align closely with their specific needs and interests, thereby creating valuable sponsorship leads.

This exciting advancement not only enhances the member experience but also opens up new avenues for your association to forge meaningful partnerships with sponsors.

Content highlights

Check out what’s trending this month!
Check out what’s trending this month!
Here’s what’s trending this month in our own Resource Library and beyond . . .

Most popular article: The most popular article trending on our website right now is Association Leaders Offer Sponsors a 5-Step Roadmap for Deeper Engagement with Professional Communities.

Best newsletters for association pros: We asked our association buddies what their favorite newsletters are. Did your favorite make this list?

Our favorite newsletter: We may be a little biased, but if you’re an association leader you’re definitely gonna want to subscribe to this newsletter.

Trending on social media: This post received the most comments and shares on our LinkedIn channel last month, by far.

Most downloads: How to Use Content Strategy as a Member Engagement Tool a recent installment in our Association Executive Guide series, was our most downloaded resource last month. (See the full series here.)

Data we’re studying: In case you missed it, check out Naylor’s 2023 Association Benchmark Report

Good news: In other data, Marketing General Incorporated’s 2023 Membership Marketing Benchmarking Report finds that roughly half of associations have experienced an increase in membership this year.

Success story: This is the story of how the State Bar of Texas created a recurring, six-figure revenue stream.

On the road: Our own Michael Palacios attended Non Dues-A-Palooza in Denver earlier this month. Check out Michael’s social feed for some great pics of the event.

How to keep track of Lead Marvels: Our LinkedIn channel is the best place to keep track of what’s new with us. Give us a follow and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!
August 2023

New partnerships

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with The Institute of Internal Auditors (IAA). Established in 1941 and with more than 230,000 members across the world, the IIA is the internal audit profession's leader in standards, certification, education, research, and technical guidance throughout the world.

Check out The IIA Resource Hub, which now features more than 17 new resources for internal auditors, including reports, guides, white papers, and ebooks.

On the road

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Annual Meeting and Exposition (#ASAE23) took place in Atlanta from August 5-8, and Lead Marvels sent a team to attend this important event.

The energy at the event was palpable, from Daymond John’s inspirational keynote to the exhibit hall and the crowded educational sessions. It was wonderful to meet with so many of our friends and partners as we came together to shape our purpose!

Click to read some of our team’s favorite highlights from #ASAE23.

Content highlights

Here’s what’s trending this month in our own Resource Library and beyond...

Best newsletters for association pros: We asked association leaders what their favorite newsletters are. Here are the 8 essential newsletters for association pros.

Most popular article: The top trending article on our site right now is What Sponsors Want, According to Experts (Part 2). (Be sure not to miss the prequel!)

Trending on social media: This post received the most engagement on our LinkedIn channel.

Most downloads: How to Extend the Life Cycle of Your In-Person Events, a recent installment in our Association Executive Guide series, was our most downloaded resource last month. (See the full series here.)

Success story: This is the story of how the State Bar of Texas created a recurring, six-figure revenue stream.

What we’re listening to: We’ve been listening to this podcast.

How to keep track of Lead Marvels: Our LinkedIn channel is the best place to keep track of what’s new with us. Give us a follow!

On the road: If you’re headed to Non Dues-A-Palooza in Denver, September 6-7, we’ll see you there! Our own Michael Palacios will be facilitating a panel discussion about sponsored content at 10:20 MT on September 6.

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July 2023

New partnerships

For the second month in a row, we’re announcing a new partner in our ever-growing legal network. This month we’re proud to say that we’ve joined forces with the Minnesota State Bar Association, where Minnesota lawyers connect — to teach, to learn, to confront challenges and navigate changing times together.

Already featuring more than 180 resources, the MSBA Resource Hub provides members with guides, reports, white papers, webinars, and more to assist them in navigating their professional challenges.

Platform improvements

A sneak peek at our Membership Portal
A sneak peek at our Membership Portal

Spoiler alert! This month, our team is busy working on a groundbreaking new feature for our platform, and we want to give you a sneak preview....

Soon — and for the first time ever — we will be giving users the ability to create their own accounts within our association partners’ Resource Libraries. By signing up, they'll enjoy benefits like accessing past downloads, managing content preferences, and more.

The goal is twofold: enhancing member engagement with your association and generating more leads for our sponsors.

With user information already stored in users’ membership accounts, we can conveniently auto-populate their registration details for other resources. This eliminates the need for repetitive form filling and enables us to connect members effortlessly with solution providers most relevant to their needs and interests.

Stay tuned here for more details about the launch of our Membership portal.

Content highlights

Here’s what’s trending this month in our own Resource Library and beyond...

Final chapter: This month’s new feature article, What Sponsors Want, According to Experts (Part 2) is the third and final installment on how associations need to optimize their sponsorship program to attract and retain sponsors in an uncertain economy. Click here for Part 1 and Part 2 in the series.

Travel plans: In a few short weeks, our team will be headed to Atlanta for the ASAE Annual Meeting. If you’ll be there, too, be sure to drop by Booth #653 to say hi!

New installment: The latest installment in our Association Executive Guide Series, How to Extend the Lifecycle of Your In-Person Events, is hot off the presses.

Success story: Learn how the State Bar of Texas Created a recurring, six-Figure revenue stream.

Milestone within reach: Our LinkedIn newsletter, the Association Resource Library, is nearing 500 subscribers.

Trending right now: Our website visitors are busy clicking their way to this article, featuring the wisdom of two experts on association sponsorships.

Quote we’re pondering: “Associations need to be up to flipping some of the traditional benefits on their head if they want to grow non-dues revenue through sponsorships and partnerships.” (Source)

Most engaging LinkedIn post: This post generated the most engagement on our LinkedIn channel.

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June 2023

New partnerships

Our legal network continues to grow, thanks to our new partnership with the California Lawyers Association (CLA), a member-driven, mission-focused organization dedicated to the professional advancement of attorneys practicing in the state of California.

Be sure to check out the California Lawyers Knowledge Hub, which already features more than 175 thought leadership resources, including eBooks, white papers, guides, research reports, and more.

Platform improvements

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest enhancement: our all-new “Engagement Page.” After tireless efforts from our dedicated tech team, we are proud to present a new and improved experience within our Resource Library platform that empowers members to build deeper connections with solution providers equipped to address their professional needs and interests.

Here’s how it works: When a member completes a form to download a resource from one of our association partners’ Resource Libraries, the member will have access to more information about the advertiser or solution provider.

“How is this possible?,” you ask. Because now advertisers can customize five different areas on the ‘thank you page’ that appear after a form completion, including:

  • The download link to the primary resource.
  • A video from the advertiser, thanking the member for downloading the resource and providing more helpful information to the member.
  • A calendar link in case the member would like to book a meeting or demo with the advertiser.
  • Two additional calls-to-action, such as links to the advertiser’s website or access to more resources.

This feature will foster new networking opportunities within the Resource Library platform between members and advertisers, ultimately building more loyalty for our association partners.

Content highlights

Here’s what’s trending this month in our own Resource Library and beyond...

New article: This month’s new feature article, What Sponsors Want, According to Experts, features insights from two experts on association marketing, on how associations can adapt to the evolving needs of sponsors.

New case study: Our latest case study tells the story of how the State Bar of Texas Created a recurring, six-Figure revenue stream.

Lead Marvels in the news: In case you missed the announcement, be sure to check out this news release about our new vendor directory platform for associations.

New newsletter: We now have four editions of our new LinkedIn newsletter, The Association Resource Library, under our belt. If you’re an association leader and haven’t yet subscribed, you can do so here.

Most popular article last month: Our blog is a-hoppin’ and last month’s most popular article was What Your Sponsors Want: An Overview of the Data.

What we’re reading: Our team has been sharing this article from Associations Now, How Leaders Can Navigate a New Nondues Era.

Most shared articles: Last month, it was a tie between The 5 Benefits of Aligning Your Brand With a Professional Association and How Associations Can Help Grow Your Brand’s Thought Leadership.

Most engaging Linkedin post: This post generated the most engagement on our LinkedIn channel.

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May 2023

New partnerships

We're thrilled to announce three new partners in our accounting family — the Iowa Society of CPAs, the Maine Society of Certified Public Accountants, and the North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants. These industry leaders have joined forces with us and, in doing so, have expanded our accounting network to 35 organizations — and still growing!

We are also now proud partners with the California Transit Association and the Georgia Staffing Association, new additions to our expanding transit and staffing verticals.

Platform improvements

We have exciting updates that are bound to make advertiser onboarding a breeze! With our new 'how-to' videos, setting up an advertising campaign has never been easier for our advertisers. Our user-friendly portal, coupled with step-by-step video tutorials offer guidance through the entire process, including setting up Zapier connections so that advertisers can funnel leads from their dashboard directly to their CRM. Existing advertisers can access a host of additional helpful videos right from the FAQ tab on their campaign dashboards.

We're also thrilled to reveal that our tech team has started development on our brand-new engagement pages. This feature will allow advertisers to take their branding to the next level and customize their 'Thank You' pages with videos, Calendly links, and much more. Stay tuned to this page for more updates on this release.

Content highlights

Here’s what’s trending this month in our own Resource Library and beyond...

New article: The uncertain economy is forcing your sponsors to shift their priorities. Our latest article will help you understand what your sponsors’ challenges are so you can optimize your sponsorship programs to solve them.

New subscribers: We added dozens of new subscribers to our LinkedIn newsletter last month. If you haven’t subscribed already, you can do so here.

Most popular article last month: Our most popular article last month was 3 (More) Ideas for Non-Dues Revenue You Probably Haven’t Thought of Before, a sequel to an also popular very popular article.

Biggest splash: Our announcement that our legal network has grown to include 24 partners made the biggest splash last month.

Most engaging Linkedin post: This LinkedIn post announcing the first four partners to adopt our new vendor directory platform was shared the most last month.

Most downloaded resource: The most recent installment in our Association Executive Guide Series, How to Use Content Strategy as a Member Engagement Tool, continues its streak as the most downloaded resource on our site.

Most shared case study: Our case study about how the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) generated a six-figure revenue stream by using our Resource Library platform is getting a ton of new shares.

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April 2023

New partnerships

We’re honored to add three more societies of association executives as partners, including the South Carolina Society of Association Executives (SCSAE), the Kentucky Society of Association of Executives (KSAE), and the St. Louis Society of Association Executives (SLSAE).

This brings our association network to 24 total partners, working together closely with us to provide professional resources to association leaders and connect them with vendors and suppliers that serve their needs.

Platform improvements

A few months ago, we announced the beta launch of our new vendor directory platform that gives our association partners the means to provide their members with a searchable database of vendors and solution providers in their industry. Members can conveniently search for solution providers by category, location, or company name.

So far, we’ve had four associations sign onto the program:

If your association needs a vendor directory, contact Jeff Schottland, our CEO at

Content highlights

Here’s what’s trending this month in our own Resource Library and beyond...

New article: Don’t miss the newest article in our Resource Library —3 (More) Ideas for Non-Dues Revenue You Probably Haven’t Thought of Before. The article is based on another story on the same topic published last year, which generated so much interest from readers that we decided to produce a sequel.

New newsletter: We released a new LinkedIn newsletter last month and were excited to get subscribers numbering in the hundreds within the first day of its release! If you haven’t subscribed already, you can do so here.

Most popular article last month: The most-read article on our website last month was How to Use a Digital Resource Library to Fund New Member Initiatives: A Handbook.

Most engaging Linkedin post: This LinkedIn post thanking our 24 partners in the association space generated the most engagement.

Most downloaded resource: The most recent installment in our Association Executive Guide Series, How to Use Content Strategy as a Member Engagement Tool.

Most downloaded case study: Our case study about how the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) generated a six-figure revenue stream by using our Resource Library platform is still generating a lot of buzz.

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March 2023

New partnerships

The FPA Business Hub

We’re proud to announce a new partnership with the Financial Planning Association (FPA). FPA is the leading membership organization for Certified Financial Planner professionals and those engaged in the financial planning process.

Check out the FPA Business Hub to see how we white-labeled our interactive Resource Library platform to provide a seamless digital experience for members, who already have access to more than 20 new resources, including guides, research reports, and videos – each targeted to their professional needs and interests.

Our partnership with the FPA represents our first partnership in the financial planning space and will be an important part of our growing professional services network, which also includes the accounting, legal, credit union, transit, manufacturing, association, and healthcare industries.

Platform improvements

Our platform tracks how users engage after they’ve received a piece of content

We’re in the process of adding enhanced lead tracking and reporting capabilities to our reporting dashboards to provide even more insight to our partners and advertisers.

Currently, when a user fills out a registration form to download content, they appear in real-time in the advertiser’s dashboard. Soon, advertisers will be able to track activity after they complete the registration form. For example, did they engage with a secondary piece of content, such as a case study or report? Did they click on an advertiser’s website link or watch a demo video?

These types of post-download activities will help advertisers identify what stage of the buyer's journey each user is at so they can follow up with them more strategically and, ultimately, close more business.

Content highlights

Check out what’s trending this month!

Here’s what’s trending this month in our own Resource Library and beyond…

  • New white paper: We’ve released a new installment in our Association Executive Guide Series: How to Use Content Strategy as a Member Engagement Tool. Be sure to check it out. And, by the way, the previous installment in the series, Growing Non-Dues Revenue with an Online Resource Library, remains our most downloaded resource for the second consecutive month.
  • New case study: How has the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) generated nearly 7 figures of incremental revenue while providing new resources on a weekly basis for its members without placing an additional burden on its internal resources? Good question! Learn how they did it in our new case study.
  • Most engaging Linkedin post: This LinkedIn post featuring a quote from the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Moustafa Abdel-Kader generated the most activity in the past month. The quote’s a good one, so it bears repeating: “The cool thing is, once you get this platform up and we start seeing revenues coming in, you start thinking about how this program can work with some of the other offerings that we're doing.” Here’s the original source of the quote.
  • Most popular article: Revenue is essential, of course, but not all sources of non-dues are equal, which is why our 7-Step Guide for Association Leaders to Evaluate NDR is our most popular article this month. Plus the article includes a free download, so check it out if you haven’t already.
  • New article: Don’t miss the newest article in our Resource Library — How to Use a Digital Resource Library to Fund New Member Initiatives: A Handbook.

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February 2023

New partnerships

OSAP Knowledge Hub

We’re excited to announce that we added three new partners to our ever-expanding network of association executives:

We now have 20 partners in the association space and can reach 125,000 association professionals. That means more educational resources for association leaders and more opportunities for advertisers who want to reach them!

Platform improvements

Our new Partner reporting dashboard

If you didn’t voluntarily make the switch to our new advertiser and partner dashboard, we pretty much made it for you. Up until recently, you had the option to stick with our legacy dashboard. Not anymore!

Why did we force this change on our users who may have been more comfortable with the old dashboard interface? Same reason your parents made you eat your veggies – It’s good for you!

Our new dashboards offer enhanced visuals that offer at-a-glance insight into your performance, trending topics, competitive analytics, and more. It’s like veggies, but for organizations that want to grow bigger and stronger.

Content highlights

Check out what’s trending this month!

Welcome to our new monthly feature, where we spotlight the month’s most popular content.

Most popular article: Co-authored by Jeff Schottland, our CEO, and Bruce Rosenthal, of Bruce Rosenthal Associates, How to Position Association Sponsorships as a Competitive Necessity is our most popular article right now.

Lead Marvels in the news: Our recent new announcement that we delivered over $1.3 million in non-dues revenue for our association partners last year is generating a ton of buzz!

Most downloaded resource: Growing Non-Dues Revenue with an Online Resource Library, a recent installment in our Association Executive Guide Series, is getting the most downloads.

Most engaging Linkedin post: A LinkedIn post promoting our newly released Advertiser’s Guide to Association Marketing generated the most engagement recently.

And, by the way, if you haven’t already, make sure to follow us on LinkedIn!

January 2023

From the CEO’s desk: 2022 year in review

Jeff Schottland, CEO of Lead Marvels

As we embark upon a new year, I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge the support of our association partners and advertisers and offer sincere thanks for making 2022 a record-setting year for Lead Marvels. We’ve always been ambitious when it comes to serving the needs of our association partners and delivering leads to advertisers, but last year exceeded even our own expectations.

Here are some of the key highlights of 2022:

  • New association partners: We now have more than 100 association and publisher partners, a 67% increase from 2021.
  • New verticals: Lead Marvels now serves ten different industries. In addition to growing our core verticals in legal, accounting, credit union, transportation, manufacturing, associations, and healthcare, last year we expanded into the real estate, staffing, and financial planning industries.
  • More advertisers: We experienced a 25% increase in the number of customers buying content syndication and lead gen programs for us in 2022.
  • More qualified leads delivered: The number of qualified leads we delivered to advertisers last year reached an all-time high of nearly 65,000 — a 14% increase over the previous year.

Helping to make Lead Marvels marvelous, our dev team was also busy at work releasing improvements to our platform including:

  • Platform improvements: Streamlined new association and advertiser dashboards with deeper insights and enhanced visuals, enabling our partners and customers to take action and make strategic decisions in real time.
  • Platform expansions: Last year, we built a new onboarding portal empowering our customers to kickstart their lead gen programs on their own.
  • Product releases: We launched our new vendor directory platform that gives our association partners the means to provide their members with a searchable database of vendors and solution providers in their industry.

We also created and published 67 new resources in the Lead Marvels Resource Library, launched two newsletters, and reached the milestone of 1,000 followers on our LinkedIn channel. It was a busy year for Lead Marvels, to be sure!

It has indeed been an honor to serve our association partners and customers. Thank you for your support. We are excited to continue working with you in 2023!

Jeff Schottland
CEO, Lead Marvels

December 2022

New partnerships

NYSSCPA Resource Hub

This month, we’re excited to welcome the New York State Society of CPAs to our network of association partners in the accounting space. With more than 21,000 members, the NYSSCPA is the premier professional association for certified public accountants in New York State.

Be sure to check out the now live NYSSCPA Resource Hub, which already features more than 100 resources for its members, including guides, eBooks, reports, videos, and more.

This brings our total number of association partners to just over 100. If engaging with active accounting professionals is key to your growth, contact us to learn how you can leverage our always-expanding partner network to drive qualified leads for your business.

Platform improvements

MassCPAs Vendor Directory

We mentioned last month that we’d soon be launching a new program for our association partners. Well, we’re proud to announce that the beta version of our vendor directory platform is now live and being piloted by our esteemed partner, the Massachusetts Society of CPAs.

The MassCPAs Vendor Directory offers members a convenient listing of reputable service providers and vendors in the accounting industry. Members can search for solution providers by category, location, or company name. The platform is still in its beta phase but, as with our Resource Library platform, we will be making regular improvements over the coming weeks and months.

If your association needs a vendor directory, contact Jeff Schottland, our CEO at

Employee Spotlight: Who is Rachael Senechal?

Rachael Senechal, Sales Development Representative

Meet Rachael, Lead Marvels’ Sales Development Representative, aka “herder of cats.” We’re kidding, of course, but Rachael does work hard to keep our sales team organized to make sure none of our prospects or customers slip through the cracks.

With a background in hospitality, Rachael brings a customer service perspective to work every day to support our sales team so they, in turn, can better support our customers. And she happens to be married to one of our sales guys! What’s it like to work with your spouse every day? “It’s been a fun journey,” Rachael tells us.

When not working at Lead Marvels, Rachael loves to try out new recipes, tend to her curated collection of houseplants, and take her dogs, Jake and Baxter, on long walks with her family.

November 2022

New partnerships

MSA and RRC Knowledge Hubs

We’re proud to announce two new association partners this month: The Massachusetts Staffing Association (MSA) and the Residential Real Estate Council (RRC).

These new partnerships in the staffing and real estate industries allow us to expand our professional services network while we also continue to grow deeper in our core verticals, including the legal, accounting, transportation, healthcare, association, and financial industries.

Be sure to visit the MSA Knowledge Hub and the RRC Knowledge Hub to check out the valuable resources shared by thought leaders in those industries, from tools, guides, and reports to eBooks, manuals, and more.

Platform improvements

Our new Vendor Directory platform

We’d like to take the opportunity to give you a sneak peek at a new program we’re launching very soon. Although lead gen is our raison d'etre, so to speak, we understand that not every company’s focus is new leads. Some simply want awareness, name recognition, or brand alignment with their favorite association.

For those companies, we’ll soon be launching a vendor directory platform that will allow our association partners to feature the sponsors that support them. Association members, in turn, will have a convenient and user-friendly digital directory to search by category, location, or company name for reputable solution providers in their industry.

Stay tuned to this page for more information!

Employee Spotlight: Who is Jake Bogan?

Jake Bogan: Front End Developer

Meet Jake, a key member of our superstar development team. Jake’s focus is front-end development. For those non-techies out there, front-end development involves work on the graphical interface of a website. That means Jake has a hand in everything you can see (and click on) on our partner Resource Libraries and customer landing pages as well as our dashboards.

One of the things we appreciate about Jake (and our customers benefit from!) is his love of learning. When he’s not working at Lead Marvels, he likes to build movie and gaming API websites, which tends to translate into new ideas for his Lead Marvels work. Jake’s also an avid gamer, and when he’s not heeding the “Call of Duty” (Modern Warfare 2, of course), he likes to spend time outdoors with his wife and daughter hiking or going to the beach.

October 2022

New partnerships

Indiana State Bar Association

If targeting actively engaged professionals in the legal industry is key to your business’s growth, you’ll be excited know that we’ve been focused on growing our legal network over the past few months.

We’re excited to announce new partnerships with multiple bar associations, including Indiana State Bar Association and Kentucky Bar Association, along with local bars, York County Bar Association and Boulder County Bar Association.

This brings our legal network to 20 total partners and still growing! We're excited to see how many more incredible associations we can help as we enter the final quarter of 2022. Make sure to check back next month for more partner announcements.

Platform improvements

A preview of our onboarding portal

Our new onboarding portal is an enterprise-level feature that empowers our clients to kickstart their lead gen program at their own pace. Now, customers can set up their company profile, invite team members to the onboarding portal and reporting dashboards, and manage delivery, notification, and billing settings — all in one intuitive interface!

This exciting new feature lays the groundwork for future releases, including a landing page builder coming soon to a lead gen provider near you that will allow advertisers and association partners to build their own customized landing pages.

Stay tuned to this page for future announcements!

Employee Spotlight: Who is Ben Schottland?

Ben Schottland, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

Meet our Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Ben Schottland. Ben has been with us since our launch in 2017, so he’s pretty much seen it all when it comes to building successful lead gen programs. One of the reasons he’s among our top sales leaders at Lead Marvels is that he’s so passionate about helping his clients grow their businesses.

Ben’s also passionate about playing guitar and singing, but let’s just say we haven’t invited him yet to play at any company gatherings and leave it at that. Buy hey, he’s working on it — we’ll give him that. Ben’s recently married and loves hanging out with his family. One of his favorite things to do is to watch his son play on his school’s varsity soccer team, after having coached his team when he was younger. Ben’s got a great sense of humor and loves a good meme, so feel free to send him one.

September 2022

New partnerships

The New Jersey Staffing Alliance Knowledge Hub.

This month we are excited to name the New Jersey Staffing Alliance (NJSA) as a new partner! Founded in 1960, NJSA is the New Jersey chapter of the American Staffing Association and represents more than 100 staffing firms and industry partners.

Executive Director, Denise Downing, explains, “Thanks to our new partnership with Lead Marvels, we’ll be able to provide our members with more resources through the new NJSA Knowledge Hub.”

NJSA is our first partner in the staffing space, an industry that will play a key role for us as we continue to expand our professional services network to complement other industries where we have a deep presence, such as accounting, legal, financial, and real estate.

Stay tuned for more announcements!

Platform improvements

Now you can update your notification preferences!

When our dev team heard that you want more control over your notification settings, they went to work! Now you can fully manage your notifications and communications settings with options like real-time lead notifications, so our customers receive an alert every time a prospective buyer downloads their content.

Our partners and customers can opt to receive lead reports, invoicing and billing information, and even updates every time we release a new platform improvement — kind of like this one!

At Lead Marvels, we make it a habit not only to listen to the feedback we get from our association partners and customers but to act on it, so please keep the feedback coming.

Employee Spotlight: Who is Jerome Young?

Jerome Young, Email Developer

It’s important to us at Lead Marvels to make our programs as turnkey as possible for our association partners and customers. To do that, we need talented developers on our team. Meet Jerome Young, one of the newest members of our development team. Jerome is our Email Developer, so he’s responsible for building customized email campaigns for our association partners and customers.

When he’s not hard at work on your email campaigns, Jerome tells us he likes to play Yu-Gi-Oh! (If you’re not sure what that is, don’t worry – Some of us weren’t either. Thank you, Google!) Jerome hails from Las Vegas, NV, where he also loves spending time with his wife and kids.

August 2022

New partnerships

The AVCU Knowledge Hub

We continue to break new ground this month, welcoming two of our newest partners — The Association of Vermont Credit Unions (AVCU) and The American Osteopathic College of Anesthesiologists (AOCA).

Joining our credit union network, AVCU is our first-state based credit union partner. The association was founded in 1947 and advocates on behalf of 16 member credit unions.

The AOCA will be a key part of Lead Marvels’ expanding health care network. It is comprised of physicians, residents, and medical students dedicated to the field of anesthesiology and was founded in 1959. The college now has more than 1,200 fellows.

If you’re a sponsor, vendor, or industry supplier interested in generating warm, intent-based leads in the credit union or health care space, please reach out. And stay tuned for more new partnerships we will be announcing soon!

Platform improvements

New Advertiser Dashboard

In tandem with the release of our recent association dashboard update, we also just launched a massive update to our advertiser dashboards. Now, when advertisers log into their lead gen dashboard, they’ll see a sleek new interface that will include:

  • Reports and more detailed lead views, with new business leads formatted as digital business cards.
  • Enhanced visualizations for at-a-glance performance analytics updated in real time.
  • Historical tracking to monitor performance trends.

Also, in addition to tracking the performance of their own resources, advertisers can measure their performance against the rest of their peer group and also get detailed insights into the topics and content formats performing the best in their space.

And even though we think this update is a game changer for our advertisers, we’re not done. We are committed to making continuous improvements based on the feedback we get from our association partners and advertisers.

Employee Spotlight: Who is Craig Senechal?

Craig Senechal

Meet the newest member of our sales team, Craig Senechal. Craig is a national account manager whose new favorite hobby is to demo our platform to prospective customers. (We’re being serious. But, hey, it is a cool platform.) A true extrovert, Craig tells us his favorite part of the job is to meet new people from around the world, learn about their businesses, and help them grow their companies.

Craig just relocated from California to Florida with his wife and their dog, Jake. He loves hiking, and Yosemite is his favorite national park. In fact, he recently hiked to the summit of Half Dome, a mere 17-mile hike to an altitude of 8,800 feet above sea level. Piece of cake, right? Let’s just say that some of us prefer relaxing beach vacations.

July 2022

New partnerships

Mid-Atlantic Society of Association Executives

Our network of associations serving associations continues its expansion! While you wrap your head around that last statement, here’s a list of our five newest partners:

At Lead Marvels, we make it our mission to serve associations by launching Resource Libraries on their sites that offer their members tips, resources, and other thought leadership content. By partnering with these SAEs, we’re now able to offer association leaders themselves a steady stream of new content from the association industry’s solution providers and vendors. As of this month, we now have 12 association society partners with more announcements coming soon!

Platform improvements

The New Association Dashboard

For months, we’ve been toiling away behind the scenes on our new association dashboard release. Well . . . it’s here! Now at a Resource Library dashboard near you, log in to check out the latest features including:

  • A sleek, user-vetted, and substantially upgraded UX design.
  • Visuals that offer at-a-glance insights into user behavior, campaign tracking, and performance analytics.
  • Analytics modules so you can see the topics and resources resonating most with members.
  • Revamped leads and revenue tracking reporting!
  • And much more.

Whew! that was a big release. Maybe it’s time for us to take a breather to enjoy the rest of the summer? Not a chance! We’ll still enjoy our summer, but we’ll do so as we continue to make iterative improvements to our platform. And, by the way, you can keep track of those upgrades in your dashboard’s new announcement area.

Employee Spotlight: Who is Karena Ortiz?

Employee Spotlight: Who is Karena Ortiz?

If you’ve purchased a lead program from Lead Marvels recently, you may have met Karena Ortiz. As our project coordinator, Karena onboards new clients, making sure they’re set up for success. From content intake to setting up each advertiser’s page and getting them access to their lead dashboard, Karena lays the groundwork for a smooth experience for each of our customers.

When Karena’s not at Lead Marvels, she’s likely hanging out on a beach with her husband and son, teaching pilates, or taking care of one of her foster dogs. A softie for anything with four legs and fur, Karena has a special fondness for old and cranky dogs. She also loves to cook because, as she tells us, she loves to eat. Her favorite wine: beer. We get it – cheers!

June 2022

New partnerships

Rhode Island Association of REALTORS®

As we continue to take on new partners in our core industries, including legal, accounting, and financial services, we’ve also been working on expanding our overall professional services network. This month, we’re excited to announce that we’ve established a footprint in the staffing and real estate industries!

In real estate, we’ve partnered with the Rhode Island Association of REALTORS®, which has been serving its members — now numbering more than 7,000 — since 1948. And our first partner in the staffing industry is the New Jersey Staffing Alliance (NJSA), which was founded in 1960 and serves direct-hire, contract, and temporary staffing firms.

We’ll be working closely with our new partners to provide their members with a steady stream of useful resources as we work to expand our presence in these important industries.

Platform improvements

Platform improvements

We have a HUGE update we’re releasing in July, and we’re so excited that we’re going to spill at least some of the beans early. Coming next month, our association and publisher partner dashboards will include some exciting new features, including . . .

  • A jazzed-up analytics module so our association partners can get quick insights into the topics and resources resonating most with members.
  • An announcement area where partners will be updated on new advertisers, campaigns, and features.
  • Improved visuals for at-a-glance insights into performance analytics.
  • A community center where association leaders can network and share ideas with other associations in the same industry.

These improvements are part of our ongoing mission to make our partners as successful as possible. Stay tuned for more on this upcoming release.

Employee Spotlight: Who is Miranda Deibel?

Employee Spotlight: Who is Miranda Deibel?

Two ingredients that make Lead Marvels uniquely marvelous are our tech and our people. As our lead developer, Miranda Deibel represents the combination of the two. 

With a background in game design, Miranda is especially adept at new feature development and deploying new code that makes it easy for our users to interact with our technology — whether you’re an association partner checking on campaign progress, a sponsor or vendor interacting with leads via your dashboard, or a member interested in downloading a new report in your association’s online resource center.  

Unsurprising to us, Miranda’s married to another developer. Hey, a couple who codes together, stays together, we’ve heard. We were curious if Miranda had interests outside of tech, you know — cooking, reading, gardening, that kind of stuff. Nope. Miranda breeds reptiles as a hobby. And while many of our employees have cats or dogs they like to hang out with, Miranda enjoys spending time with her Indo-Australian pythons. Put that search phrase into your Google machine!

May 2022

New Partnerships

<a href="" target="_blank">Association Chat</a>

We’re excited to announce some important new partners this month, including the Arizona Society of CPAs. This expands our accounting and tax vertical to 30 total partners. If qualified, intent-based leads from engaged accounting professionals are important to your business, then our continuously expanding accounting and tax network could be your one-stop-shop solution.

And we continue to deliver on our 2022 mission to deepen our support for professional associations. As of this month, we’ve forged new partnerships with the Georgia Society of Association Executives and the Tennessee Society of Association Executives. We’ve also partnered with association industry veteran and influencer, KiKi L'Italien to launch a Knowledge Hub on Association Chat. The Knowledge Hubs (aka resource libraries) in our association network will offer a steady supply of timely and helpful thought leadership resources for association executives.

Platform Improvements

<a href='' target="_blank">CalCPA Knowledge Hub</a>

Our resource libraries are an invaluable source of information for professional association members in each vertical we serve, including tax and accounting, legal, credit union, transportation, and more. A resource center provides high-value thought leadership content from each industry’s premier solution providers. And who are the top solution providers in each industry? Good question!

We’ve updated our platform this month to include a “browse all companies” feature so that, with a single mouse click, you can see a listing of the companies committed to providing professional association members with first-class content. Click on any name, and you’ll land on that company’s dedicated page, where you can learn more about the company and access all of its thought-leadership resources. It’s a quick and easy way for members to learn more about the solution providers that can help them grow their businesses.

Employee Spotlight: Who is Tyler Gilham?

Tyler Gilham, Sales Director

Meet Lead Marvels’ very own player-coach, Tyler Gilham. Tyler is not only an accomplished national account executive, but as our sales director, he also trains and supports the sales team, optimizes internal sales workflows and strategies, and coordinates across all other departments to keep Lead Marvels marvelous.

When he’s not at the sales helm at Lead Marvels, Tyler and his wife Krystal spend much of their time (and money, he tells us) on their new fixer-upper home in Florida. Tyler’s a huge fan of comedy so we know he appreciates it when we remind him to “save yourself while there’s still time!,” as Tom Hanks’ character shouts in The Money Pit (1986) while surrendering to his own home renovation project. Hang in there Tyler!

April 2022

New partnerships

Bar Association of San Francisco
It’s been a busy month at Lead Marvels, and we’ve added new partnerships to expand coverage in some of our core verticals. What does this mean for you? If you’re a company wanting to market to a group of actively engaged professionals, we can offer you more coverage every time we add a new partner.

National Association of Enrolled Agents
In legal, for example, we’re excited to announce partnerships with the Bar Association of San Francisco and the Nebraska State Bar Association, bringing the total number of legal partners in our network to 18.

Our accounting and tax network has also expanded to include 30 total partners with the addition of the New Mexico Society of CPAs, the Arizona Society of CPAs, and the National Association of Enrolled Agents, our first national accounting organization.

And, we’ve added our seventh state society of association executives — A special welcome to the New Mexico Society of Association Executives.

We told you we’ve been busy! And please stay tuned for more announcements because we have no plans to slow down anytime soon.

Platform improvements

<a href=''>TSAE’s COVID-19 Association Impact Study </a>
We love leads at Lead Marvels, as you may have already guessed! Sometimes, though, leads aren’t the primary goal. Suppose one of our partners or customers wants to use our platform to get the broadest distribution and engagement possible for their content. In that case, they can promote their content on an “ungated” landing page, meaning that users won’t have to complete a registration form to access it.

This can come in handy if you have a timely announcement or content piece that you want to release to as many people as possible or are just looking to build deeper brand awareness. When the Texas Society of Association Executives (TSAE) released their COVID-19 Association Impact Study, for example, they wanted to get it into the hands of all of their members so they published it to their Knowledge Hub without a registration form, allowing users to download the report directly from the landing page.

Or, if leads are important to you, check out how the Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants used their new infographic, How to Become a Better Virtual Communicator, as a lead generator.

Talk to our team if you’d like additional details about this capability.

Employee Spotlight: Who is Amanda Davis?

The web-based lead gen platform that we white label and manage for our association partners is built using our homegrown, proprietary technology. It basically makes the whole Lead Marvels machine run. But it’s the design and user interface that makes the experience seamless for our partners, customers, and members. And for that, we have our talented design team to thank! Meet Amanda Davis, one of the skilled members of our web development and design group. Amanda’s been applying her passion for design at Lead Marvels for just over two years now.

Web developer and designer extraordinaire by day, Amanda is an accomplished DJ with her own radio show by night — Miss Deezy in the house! And when she’s not spinning mad beats on Planet 104 on Friday nights, Amanda’s an active CrossFitter and loves hanging out with her two nephews and her dog, Hank.
March 2022

New partnerships

OSAE Knowledge Hub

A key part of our mission at Lead Marvels is to support the professional associations that support the professionals who keep our economy going. Since our inception, we’ve partnered with more than 50 associations to build digital resource libraries that provide members with enriching thought leadership content. These associations serve a variety of industries including legal, accounting, credit union and banking, transportation, engineering, and others. Now, we’re providing associations who serve associations with enrichment-based content and resources that will help association professionals address some of the key challenges they face.

Last month we announced the launch of the FSAE Knowledge Hub in partnership with the Florida Society of Association Executives. They joined the Texas Society of Association Executives, which launched the TSAE Knowledge Hub in collaboration with Lead Marvels. We also told you to “stay tuned” for more partnership announcements similar to TSAE and FSAE.

We weren’t kidding! We’re excited this month to be able to announce new partnerships with the Oklahoma Society of Association Executives, the Georgia Society of Association Executives, the Tennessee Society of Association Executives, and the Idaho Society of Association Executives. In fact, Oklahoma’s OSAE Knowledge Hub is now live! This brings our number of partnerships with state societies of association executives to six and still growing!

Platform improvements

If you’ve perused one of our partners’ knowledge hubs lately, you may have noticed a new feature called, “The Monthly Minute.” How do we summarize a whole month in just 60 seconds? Well, we don’t literally do that. That would be crazy. But we do give a shout-out to some of the most exciting content offers that have been featured in each resource library in the past 30 days to draw members’ attention to resources likely to be of interest.

We offer these videos at no charge to our association and publisher partners, who can decide which offers they want to feature in their Monthly Minute. It’s a value-add for our partners and a great way to generate additional interest among members. We’ve also been told by our association partners that they’re looking for more video content to offer their members. Ask and you shall receive!

FSAE’s Monthly Minute

Employee spotlight: Who is Michael Palacios?

Michael Palacios, Lead Marvels’ President

If you’re one of our customers or partners, chances are, at some point you’ve been in touch with Michael Palacios, Lead Marvels’ President, aka Chief Utility Officer, corporate jack-of-all-trades, and human Swiss army knife. An engineer by trade, Michael oversees our business operations, HR, legal, and finance. His strength is in client relations, and he’s also an account manager for clients in the transportation, legal, accounting, and other industries. We mentioned that he’s a jack-of-all-trades, right?

What does Michael do when he’s not working at Lead Marvels? Nothing — he’s always working at Lead Marvels. We’re kidding around, of course. Michael and his wife are the proud parents of two teenagers, two dogs, and a rabbit. (We haven’t met the rabbit yet, but the rest of the family are lovely!) Michael’s an avid traveler who’s been to 58 countries and all seven continents— yes, including Antarctica. He also volunteers for local, national, and international programs in Bible education and community support. And he’s an avid foodie, imbiber of craft cocktails, and all-around good guy. Cheers, Michael!

February 2022

New partnerships

It’s hard to believe it’s February already! With that said, we hope your 2022 is off to a great start and that you’re meeting your Q1 goals! Well, one of our 2022 goals is to deepen our support of professional associations. And we’re proud to say that we’re on our way towards meeting that goal. It’s why we’re so excited to announce our new partnership with the Florida Society of Association Executives and the recent launch of the FSAE Knowledge Hub.

Similar to our partnership with the Texas Society of Association Executives and the TSAE Knowledge Hub, we’re making a concerted effort to partner with associations that serve associations. (We know, it’s a little bit meta.) This means that the digital resource libraries that we launch on behalf of our association partners to serve their members will now provide enrichment-based resources to association professionals themselves in Florida and Texas.

And, spoiler alert, we’re also in partnership talks with several other state societies of association execs, so keep an eye on this page for future announcements.

Platform improvements

There’s a lot that goes into a lead gen program but, ultimately, the “landing page” is where the rubber meets the road! Someone lands on a page and makes a decision – sometimes in less than a single second – about whether or not to complete the registration form to access the content. If they complete the form, they get access to high-value info to help them be more successful, the B2B marketer sponsoring the content gets a business lead, and our association partner gets revenue. Truly a win-win-win!

Since we think everyone deserves to be a winner, our team is constantly working on optimizing our landing pages so you can keep on winning. We have three updates in fact!

  1. Social Sharing: We added social sharing functionality that enables a visitor to easily share the content campaigns with their respective social networks. Now, with a simple click, the content provider or the association can share the page with their respective audiences, generating more exposure and engagement.

  2. “More Like This”: Located at the bottom of the landing page, visitors will now find links to ‘Tags’ – related topics and content types – driving members and site visitors deeper into the resource libraries, increasing their time on site.

  3. Design Enhancements: We’ve updated the landing page design ‘pattern’ to include several new graphical options for advertisers to choose from. Each option will also utilize the respective association’s primary branding and color palette. This allows for brand consistency throughout the association’s digital resource library, while giving advertisers control over more design elements.

Employee spotlight: Who is Kara Thurmond?

Kara Thurmond, Senior Front-End Web Developer

You may not have personally met our very own Kara Thurmond until now, but we’re pretty sure you’ve seen her work. You know how our digital resource libraries are designed to seamlessly integrate with each association partner website? That’s Kara’s doing. And she does it well!

Kara is our Senior Front-End Web Developer and an important part of the team here at Lead Marvels. Kara is the link between user-facing design and the back-end, proprietary tech platform running our Lead Gen as a Service (or LGaaS) solutions.

When she’s not doing her Lead Marvels thing, Kara likes hiking, biking, and skiing in the Catskill Mountains, where she resides. A creator to her core, when Kara’s not outside, you might find her engaged in one of her creative pursuits, from print-making or mix-media painting to writing or sewing.

January 2022

New partnerships

As we expand into new industries by forging new partnerships, it’s important to us to continue to grow within our flagship industries. In accounting, we’ve recently partnered with the Oregon Society of CPAs to launch a new Knowledge Hub. That brings the total number of state accounting societies we’ve partnered with to 27 and still growing.

And, in legal, we’re excited to announce a partnership with The Florida Bar, which has 109,000 members. Together, we’ve launched the LegalFuel Knowledge Center on the Florida Bar’s Practice Resource Center website. Lead Marvels’ legal network now includes a total of 14 different partners (... and growing)!

Our accounting and legal networks will continue to grow over 2022, offering marketers more reach and more connections with engaged professionals who can help them grow their business.

Platform improvements

You know how sometimes, you just want to give someone a pat on the back and say, “Hey, thanks for being there for me”? Well, associations like to do that too sometimes for the corporate sponsors who give them the most support.

Now our association partners will be able to give their sponsors a virtual pat on the back within their digital resource libraries. We’ve recently launched the “Premier Partners” ribbon so associations can identify and give a shout-out to their premier corporate sponsors within their lead gen platform.

Check out this sample from The Ohio Society of CPAs’ Knowledge Hub.

Employee spotlight: Who is Kjell Petersen

Kjell Petersen, Manager of Partner Success

We probably don’t need to introduce some of you to Kjell (pronounced “shell”) Petersen, our Manager of Partner Success, because you may attend regular meetings with him. Kjell is in charge of making sure our association and publisher partners are successful. So when we partner with a new association and promise to help them grow non-dues revenue, Kjell’s the guy we’ve put in charge to make sure we’re fulfilling that promise by keeping tabs on our partners’ lead gen programs and making sure you have everything you need to build out a healthy, recurring stream of revenue.

Kjell and his wife Annalee, also on our marketing team, have two beautiful daughters, one fat tabby cat, and one old, ugly French bulldog. (That’s Kjell’s description of his dog, not ours, but we’ve seen pictures and, yeah, …) Kjell and family are hikers, and Kjell’s a mountain biker, golfer, and aspiring guitarist. Keep up the good work, Kjell!

December 2021

New partnerships

Since our inception, Lead Marvels has been all about helping associations enhance member engagement and create new sources of non-dues revenue. It’s pretty much what we do. Now, we’re taking it to a whole new level – What better way to support associations than to partner with an association that serves association executives, we ask you?

That is why we are very excited to announce our new partnership with the Texas Society of Association Executives. TSAE’s mission is to help their Texas-based association executive members become more successful by connecting them to “peers, resources, inspiration, and innovation.”

“The partnership with you guys makes a lot of sense for us,” said Steven Stout, FASAE, CAE, Executive Director of TSAE. “We’re both working to help associations become more successful, so the synergies are too good to ignore. By working together, we’ll be able to provide even more value for our members.”

We’re currently in discussion with sister associations of TSAE in other states, so watch for this network to expand as we enter 2022!

Platform improvements

You know the page that shows up after a lead fills out a form to access gated content, like a white paper or ebook? Well, we call those ‘Thank You’ pages. Our template for these pages has now been enhanced to drive deeper, more sustained engagement. Once a member or subscriber downloads a lead gen content asset, they will be offered additional content options based on their behavioral data and areas of interest.

For B2B marketers, this means you’ll have opportunities to nurture your leads even more with related content offers branded for your company, such as videos, blogs, or ebooks.

For our association and publisher partners, a recommendation engine will generate new content offers to keep members engaged and interacting with your organization for longer periods of time. Plus, you’ll continue to gain insight on what topics are resonating most with members.

At Lead Marvels, we’re always optimizing our platform to enable your success!

Employee spotlight: Who is Dan Schottland?

Dan Schottland <br>Vice President of Business Development

As our Vice President of Business Development, Dan Schottland is responsible for establishing new relationships and driving revenue. Having been with us since our early days in 2017, Dan’s actually one of the very first employees we hired. He’s responsible for working with 35 of our key accounts. Dan’s customers appreciate his integrity, honesty, and expertise. They also know that Dan’s going to give it to them straight when advising on their digital marketing strategies.

On weekends, you’re likely to find Dan hanging out around a firepit with his wife, two sons, and close friends. And, those who know him best aren’t surprised to see him frequently gazing up into the sky at night, since he has a passion for astrophotography – rivaled only by his appreciation of a good scotch and fine cigar, by the way. Cheers, Dan!

November 2021

New partnerships:

John Lerner, CEO of Breaking Media

We’re proud and excited to announce the launch of the MedCity News Knowledge Hub this month. MedCity News is a leading online news source for the business of innovation in health care, and this partnership represents Lead Marvels’ entry into the healthcare and health IT space. With the launch of their Knowledge Hub, MedCity News can now supplement their existing advertising products with a premium, scalable content marketing and lead generation program designed to deliver qualified, intent-based leads to B2B marketers targeting the healthcare space.

John Lerner, CEO of Breaking Media, which publishes MedCity News, calls the partnership a “no-brainer.” Not that we don’t agree with him, but we asked him why he thought so. (We care about what our partners think about us, what can we say?)

“You guys built the platform for us,” Lerner responded, “so it was easy to implement, and it gives us a new lead gen solution our advertisers really like. Plus, we like the incremental revenue.”

Well said, John! We’re looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership with you and your team.

Photo: John Lerner, CEO of Breaking Media

Platform improvements

One of the unique things about Lead Marvels is that we provide our association and publisher partners with fully managed sales support. In other words, we’ll carry the full weight of the sales effort for you if you need us to.

But if you have your own sales reps also selling lead gen, our platform now provides third-party access to our administrative dashboards, so your sales staff can use the same tools as Lead Marvels sales execs to grow your non-dues revenue. Your reps now have 24/7 access to admin capabilities so they can monitor lead gen campaign performance, download and deliver leads, audit and finalize admin reports, and more.

At Lead Marvels, our goal is to enable your success. Call it our mission. Call it our raison d'etre if you want to sound fancy. Call it whatever you want, but it’s what we do.

Employee spotlight: Who is Caryn Campagna?

Caryn Campagna Technical Production Lead

When you work with Lead Marvels, you have a whole team of people working behind the scenes to make sure you’re successful. Caryn Campagna is an important part of that team. As Lead Marvels’ Technical Production Lead, Caryn has her hands on the wheel of Lead Marvels’ own innovation and product development efforts.

Caryn’s job is to investigate the overlap between our clients’ needs, product data, and program performance in order to identify and deliver new product improvements that fast-track our customers’ success.

When she doesn’t have her pedal to the metal at Lead Marvels, you might find Caryn working on home improvement projects or hiking with her husband, their adorable daughter, and their dog named Cooper.

October 2021

New partnerships

Lead Marvels is proud to announce our recent partnership with CUES, the Credit Union Executive Society. With this alliance, we’ve expanded our credit union coverage to unprecedented levels. Check out the newly launched ​​CUES Resource Library, where we syndicate branded, thought-leadership content for sponsors and vendors aligned with the credit union space.

If you’re a B2B marketer targeting credit unions, our network has expanded to approximately 40,000 engaged credit union professionals. Contact us to find out how we can connect you with the kind of engaged professionals that are critical for your business’s growth.

And, if you’re an association executive or B2B publisher and are interested in having us create incremental revenue streams for you, let’s chat.

Platform improvements

You may have already noticed that we recently updated our platform to include visuals so you can determine with a quick glance how your campaign is tracking against your goals. (You’re likely so busy following up on those fresh leads we’ve sent you that you don’t have a lot of surplus time on your hands anyway, right?) And remember, we filter out all leads that don’t match your ideal customer profile so you only pay for the kinds of leads that will help you grow your business.

Employee spotlight: Who is Jessica Ikaika?

Jessica Ikaika, Director of Customer Success

At Lead Marvels, your success is our success. Yeah, yeah, we know, other companies have said the same thing. But we’re so serious about it that your success now has a name and a face . . .

Meet our Director of Customer Success, Jessica Ikaika (pronounced ee-kai-kuh). Jessica works directly with our customers to get to know them, their company, and their goals. And, she leads our production team, so she’s empowered to make sure your goals will be met. We told you we’re serious about your success!

When she’s not hard at work on your lead gen campaign, you won’t find Jessica camping, that’s for sure. Not even glamping. (We checked on that.) An indoorsy person, Jessica likes to write fiction but will only read non-fiction. She recently confessed a possibly unhealthy obsession with true crime that has us a little worried, if we’re being honest. But, hey, as long as she takes care of your success, that’s probably ok. Right?

September 2021

New partnerships

Lead Marvels proudly welcomes our newest partners – the state CPA societies of Indiana, Alabama, Minnesota, South Carolina, Massachusetts, North Dakota. In total, Lead Marvels now has partnerships with 26 state CPA societies. For organizations interested in marketing to CPA audiences, we boast broader coverage for you than ever before.

If engaging active accounting professionals is vital to growing your business, contact us to find out how you can promote your brand’s thought-leadership content on Knowledge Hubs like this one.

Platform improvements

Some would say we’re obsessed with improving our platform for our partners and vendors. Let’s just say we’re extremely passionate. To that end, we’ve enhanced the user experience of our digital content hubs to give users even more ways to find the content they’re looking for from our B2B vendors, using keyword search functionality, the ability to browse by company, and additional filtering by content and topics.

Take a look for yourself by visiting a Knowledge Hub in the legal, accounting, credit union, or transportation industries.

Employee spotlight: Who is Jonathan Michel?

Jonathan Michel, CTO

You’ve come to know us as a lead gen company, and that’s certainly true. But we have the DNA of a tech company coursing through our network. Our lead gen platforms are built from the ground up using proprietary technology that is unique to Lead Marvels. Without our stellar tech, well, there just wouldn’t be as much “marvel” in Lead Marvels.

Meet our CTO, Jonathan Michel, the mad genius behind our software development efforts. Jonathan has been building tech-based lead gen solutions for more than 20 years! The man is singularly focused on his craft. Jonathan and his team of techies work with our association and publisher partners to build streamlined digital content hubs, super slick performance dashboards for B2B vendors, and those highly sticky landing page capture forms our customers rely on to get your leads.

Jonathan has a wife of 22 years and two beautiful children. What does Jonathan like to do when he’s not coding, you ask? Frankly, we were a little curious about that ourselves because it seems like he’s always coding, so we asked him. Jonathan likes to hike, play volleyball, and strum some Pink Floyd tunes on his guitar. Favorite food? Pizza with pineapple – who knew?!