8 Must-Read Newsletters for Association Leaders

With an inbox chock-full of requests from your staff, solicitations from vendors, inquiries from sponsors, the media, and who knows who else, how do you stay up to date on trends and opportunities in the association space that could directly impact your organization or accelerate your professional development — or both?

While there is no shortage of email newsletters with professional tips and insights for association leaders, which are you most likely to click on and read, even if you have to skip over that email marked urgent from your IT team?

We posed this very question (or at least a similar version of it) to dozens of association leaders across multiple industries and representing organizations of all types, and here are the eight must-read newsletters they mentioned most commonly.

The Lead Marvels newsletter

You might think we're playing favorites by listing our own newsletter first and, yes, you're probably right! Lead Marvels’ monthly newsletter focuses heavily on two interconnected challenges many association leaders are trying to tackle: generating non-dues revenue and increasing member engagement. The tips and insights shared in the newsletter are drawn from the company’s direct experience working with its more than 100 association partners.

Content is selected from the Lead Marvels Resource Library, which includes articles featuring insights from thought leaders in the association space, regular installments in the popular Association Executive Guide Series, and case studies, such as how the ACC created a six-figure recurring revenue stream.

A selection of articles featured in the Lead Marvels newsletter:

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Associations Now Daily News

Who knows associations better than an association composed of leaders like you? The Associations Now Daily News arrives each weekday courtesy of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) with regular updates and ideas from around the industry, including career opportunities.

The ASAE’s flagship newsletter showcases the talent of ASAE’s own writers and editors alongside selections of curated thought pieces covering everything from finding your path as a leader to building better member experiences through diversity.

A selection of articles featured in the Associations Now Daily News:

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Association Brain Food

Launched in 2016, Association Brain Food is the weekly publication where association management expert and author Deirdre Reid shares her curated list of articles, free educational events, and resources. You will also find a few favorite recipes from Reid, a graduate in Pastry Arts from L’Academie Française. “When I’m not writing or reading, I’m channeling Julia Child, my hero, in the kitchen,” Reid says.

A former association executive who now writes about association management for association technology firms, Reid presents select news and updates covering topics ranging from growing member engagement with online education programs to the role of purpose in associations.

A selection of articles featured in Association Brain Food:

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Briefings Minute

Briefings Minute is the weekly newsletter of content strategy provider Association Briefings. This newsletter takes a unique spin on the typical association newsletter, employing humor and even irreverence to highlight engaging content from industry leaders.

Holding true to Association Briefing’s data-driven ethos, the Briefings Minute provides individually-tailored content based on subscriber preferences. You will find tips as disparate as taking leadership lessons from movies and creating neurodiversity-friendly events.

A selection of articles featured in the Briefings minute:

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Association Adviser newsletter

The Association Adviser newsletter from Naylor Association Solutions offers a monthly roundup of best practices and leadership strategies for association leaders. Boasting a circulation of 13,000, the newsletter draws upon Naylor's 50+ years in the association space.

Each month features articles penned by Naylor’s staff and industry experts on topics ranging from association management to DEI and marketing and communications. The newsletter often features articles that are part of an ongoing series on topics like association boards or building a career center.

A selection of articles featured in the Association Adviser newsletter:

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Case Study:

How Two Associations Deepened Member Value While Growing Non-Dues Revenue

The Sidecar Scoop

Powered by the minds behind the Sidecar professional development platform, The Sidecar Scoop hits your inbox three times a week with original content alongside curated articles from sources such as the Harvard Business Review and McKinsey Insights.

This AI-personalized newsletter tackles concepts as varied as turning your association’s existing IP into revenue and revamping membership models. You will also find links to relevant organizational resources and whitepapers, as well as reminders about upcoming industry events and opportunities.

A selection of articles featured in The Sidecar Scoop:

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White Paper:

How to Use Content Strategy as a Member Engagement Tool

Elevating Engagement

Elevating Engagement is singularly focused on one enormously important topic for association leaders: member engagement. With over a decade of expertise in helping associations grow member engagement, Amanda Lea Kaiser uses the Elevating Engagement newsletter to share insights each Tuesday on how to create thriving member communities.

Fresh off of her recently published book, Elevating Engagement, Kaiser draws upon her experience as an association leader to offer expertise on engagement strategies, member experiences, leadership growth, event planning, and more.

A selection of articles featured in the Elevating Engagement newsletter:

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.orgCommunity is a vibrant network of association executives, entrepreneurs, and strategic partners dedicated to shaping the future of associations. The monthly .orgCommunity newsletter features resources curated, not only for members of the community, but any association professional wanting to stay current with industry trends and best practices.

The newsletter features articles on topics such as the impact of AI on marketers, episodes from the Association 4.0 Podcast, and thought leadership resources from the .orgCommunity Knowledge Center.

A selection of articles featured in the .orgCommunity newsletter:

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Did we miss your favorite newsletter?

If you’re an association leader, and we neglected to list a newsletter you read regularly, drop us a line and let us know so we can include it in future updates.

In the meantime, for more helpful resources for association leaders, check out the Lead Marvels Resource Library.

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