Lead Marvels.
Lead Generation Made Easy.

We bring associations and B2B marketers together to create interactive resource libraries that provide members access to targeted, high-demand content for their professional development.

  • High quality leads for B2B marketers
  • Non-dues revenue for associations
  • Rich, engaging content for members
It’s a win-win-win.
B2B Marketers
Association Members
B2B Lead Gen Made Easy

Syndicate Content

Distribute your branded, thought-leadership content to engaged professional audiences in the industries you serve.

Target Personas

Connect with your ideal customers by engaging with decision makers in the specific types of organizations and industries you target.

Track Performance

Measure campaign effectiveness and optimize program management in real-time with web-based dashboards.

Nurture Leads

Stay top of mind using automated interactions to keep leads engaged until they’re ready to make a purchase.

Members Made Happy

Professional Development

Association members have a high demand for curated, industry resources targeted to their professional needs and interests.

Resource Library

The advanced search, browse and filtering functionality keeps relevant content front and center in a branded environment.

Content Recommendations

Dynamically generated content recommendations based on interests keep members engaged longer and coming back for more.

Always-On Marketing

Members have 24/7/365 access to curated resources from your organization and corporate sponsors in an always-on digital resource library.

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