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We bring associations and B2B marketers together to create interactive resource libraries that provide members access to targeted, high-demand content for their professional development.

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Leads Generated

By the Lead Marvels team, accelerating the growth of some of the largest, more successful B2B brands in the country.


Resource Centers Launched

For our association and publisher partners to generate non-dues revenue and drive value and deeper member engagement.

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A Framework for Evaluating New Sources of Non-Dues Revenue
Finding new sources for non-dues revenue is more important for associations than ever before, but not all revenue streams are equal. Make sure you have a consistent way to compare and evaluate new opportunities.
5 Reasons (Other Than Revenue) Your Association Should Offer a Lead Generation Program
Juggling the demands of content creation, member engagement, and non-dues revenue growth can be daunting for associations in these tumultuous times. Yes, revenue will always win the day, but there are other important reasons why a lead-gen enabled digital resource library can help amplify your association’s success strategy.
White Paper
Growing Non-Dues Revenue with an Online Resource Library
Gain insights and ideas on how professional associations are using online resources to engage members and drive non-dues revenue.