What Our Clients Are Saying.

Dave O'Neil

Dave O'Neil

Vice President
, SME Media

“When it comes to digital marketing and lead generation, there are loads of vendors out there that talk a good game, but Lead Marvels delivers and actually makes it happen. They have enabled us to quickly roll-out a new lead generation product that has enormous opportunities for revenue growth, which we're already experiencing. They're fully engaged and invested in our success, and bringing our customers great results. We're very happy with the relationship."
Dave O'Neil

Matt Pardine

Founding Partner, Insurance WebX

“Working with Lead Marvels has been extremely beneficial for our company. They are a hands on team that is responsive to our needs in a timely manner. They have helped us create new lead generation revenue streams that have given us over a 20x return on our investment. The Lead Marvels team has impressed us with their innovative ideas and implementation of those ideas. I would highly recommend them to any company looking to grow their business.”
Dave O'Neil

Susan Brennan

Marketing & Outreach Manager, State Bar Of Texas

“Lead Marvels has exceeded our expectations in every way possible, by delivering a resource library that enables our members to easily find and access our sponsored content, while providing qualified leads to our advertisers and corporate sponsors. Your experience, flawless execution and professional service have produced fantastic results for our organization and our clients. The performance-based, partnership approach is just what we needed. We can’t thank you enough!”
Dave O'Neil

William “Bill” Hall

President, Cash Balance Advisors

"Working in an industry filled with marketing vendors who only care about selling me the next campaign, it’s truly refreshing to work with a true partner like Lead Marvels. They regularly go above and beyond to come up with exciting new ways to help me market my business and generate revenue. I consider them to be an invaluable partner and hope to work with them until I retire."
Dave O'Neil

Ken Minniti

Publisher, Attorney At Law

"The team at Lead Marvels has been professional and efficient from the beginning of our collaboration. They came to the table with a clear process for establishing a resource center for our brand and an easy-to-follow plan to begin converting prospects into satisfied customers. It has been clear throughout the process that their team is knowledgeable and experienced in this field and capable of guiding us through to a successful partnership. We are excited to continue working with them to build out an exciting, new solution for our readers."
Dave O'Neil

Craig Katz

Executive Vice President, Discovery Data

"It was a pleasure to work with the Lead Marvels team. Through our partnership, we launched an online resource center that brings educational value to the insurance industry and helps firms conduct marketing outreach to their target audience. Lead Marvels developed and launched PropertyCasualtyAgent.com while Discovery Data powers the marketing efforts with our robust agent data to drive traffic to the site and generate qualified leads for advertisers."
Dave O'Neil

Steve Rosenfield

Principal, Media Resource Group

"Lead Marvels delivers a unique set of solutions, tools, and services to optimize audience engagement, produce highly profitable revenues through proven, customized, value-based packages along with white glove services."

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