Lead Marvels Delivered $1.3 Million in Non-Dues Revenue to its Association Partners in 2022

February 16, 2023
The company now has more than 100 association and publisher partners as it continues its expansion into new industry verticals.

Fishkill, NY (February 16, 2023) – Lead Marvels substantially boosted its reach and impact last year, partnering with more associations than ever before, delivering over a million dollars in partner revenue, while also generating an all-time high number of qualified leads to advertisers.

Last year’s new initiatives also helped the company increase the number of advertisers buying content syndication and lead-generation programs by 25%. Moreover, Lead Marvels delivered nearly 65,000 qualified leads to advertisers, a 14% increase over 2021 and an all-time high for the company.

Helping drive this growth has been a strategic expansion into new verticals. In addition to broadening its network in the company’s core industries, including legal, accounting, credit union, transportation, manufacturing, associations, and healthcare, the company last year expanded into real estate, staffing, and financial planning.

“We’ve been fortunate to work with multiple association partners in each vertical to build networks that advertisers can use to syndicate their thought leadership content and generate intent-based leads from association members,” said Jeff Schottland, co-founder and CEO of Lead Marvels. “It’s gratifying and humbling to know that Lead Marvels’ solutions are helping associations and providing tangible value to both members and sponsors.”

Lead Marvels partners with associations by white labeling its Resource Library platform for the association’s website. The platform allows associations a way to aggregate and monetize third-party content at no cost to an association, while providing unique value to each segment within the association ecosystem: Members get access to additional resources targeted to their professional needs and interests, sponsors receive year-round business development opportunities, and associations grow a new recurring non-dues revenue stream.

Lead Marvels also released several major updates to the platform's dashboard last year, including new tools designed to provide associations with deeper insight into members’ needs and behavior. The updated dashboard also enables advertisers to make strategic decisions in real-time to optimize their lead-generation campaigns.

“After such a successful 2022, Lead Marvels is well positioned to continue its mission to support associations, helping them grow non-dues revenue and increase member engagement in 2023,” said Schottland. “I look forward to deepening our relationships and serving all our partners in the new year and beyond.”

For more information about Lead Marvels’ solutions or to request a demo, visit www.LeadMarvels.com.

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