Lead Marvels Offers Associations Unique Licensing Opportunity for Its Online Resource Library

February 21, 2024
The company unveils SaaS Licensing for its interactive platform, boosting association content management and revenue opportunities.

Fishkill, NY (February 21, 2024) – Lead Marvels, a leader in digital resource management and enhancement, has announced a groundbreaking expansion of its services. For the first time, associations, publishers, and other organizations can license the company’s interactive Resource Library platform under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This innovative step marks a significant enhancement in how organizations can organize, market, and even monetize their member content.

Member content can include reports, guides, white papers, research, and other educational content associations provide to their members to enhance their professional development. A key feature of the new licensing arrangement is the ability for associations to track analytics, providing invaluable insights into which content resources and topics are most impactful amongst their members. This data-driven approach enables organizations to tailor their content strategies effectively, ensuring relevance and value to their members.

In addition to content management, a digital Resource Library can provide a new source of non-dues revenue for the association, adding to its financial sustainability and growth. Lead Marvels also offers a complete package for handling third-party advertisers and sponsors and takes on the responsibility of selling, managing, and billing third-party content publishers.

Jeff Schottland, CEO of Lead Marvels, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch: “We are thrilled to extend the capabilities of our Resource Library platform through this licensing model. It’s more than a content management tool; it’s a comprehensive solution for organizations to engage their members, drive revenue, and showcase industry leadership. Our mission is to create connections and opportunities through content, and this initiative is a significant stride in that direction.”

Michael Palacios, President of Lead Marvels, added: “Lead Marvels has a proven track record with over 100 associations, publishers, and other organizations already utilizing our digital Resource Library platform, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and deliver even more value to associations and their members.”

This announcement from Lead Marvels opens a new chapter in association content management and member engagement, offering organizations a powerful tool to elevate their digital presence and community engagement.

For more information about Lead Marvels' Resource Library platform or vendor directory solution or to request a no-obligation demo, visit www.LeadMarvels.com.

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