July 14, 2022
The company deepens its presence in its core verticals while continuing the expansion of its professional services network with new partnerships in the real estate and staffing industries.

Fishkill, NY (July 14, 2022) – Lead Marvels announced today the launch of new online resource libraries with multiple association partners, including the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) and the Nebraska State Bar Association (NSBA). NAEA is Lead Marvels' 30th association partner in its ever-widening network in the tax and accounting industry while the partnership with NSBA represents the company's 18th partner in the legal industry.

"We couldn't be more excited about the traction we're getting in our core verticals," remarked Jeff Schottland, co-founder and CEO of Lead Marvels, who noted that the pace of new partnerships has accelerated over the past 12 months.

"Professional associations are turning to Lead Marvels now more than ever as the need for non-dues revenue and member engagement continues to increase. Associations are also seeking new ways to provide business development opportunities to their sponsors and advertisers. Our resource library platform can satisfy all of these needs, without the association incurring any costs or needing to invest in new technology," Schottland explained.

Associations have historically relied on live events as a major revenue source, but many have been forced to cancel or postpone their events since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic due to travel restrictions. While there has been an uptick in travel this year, Deloitte reports that corporate travel remains less than 50% of pre-pandemic levels and is unlikely to make a significant comeback within the next few years. Although there has been a general trend among associations to pursue new sources of revenue over the past decade, the need is particularly acute now.

"It's also gratifying to establish a footprint in new professional services industries," said Schottland, referring to the company's new partnerships with the Rhode Island Association of REALTORS® and the New Jersey Staffing Alliance (NJSA) in the staffing industry. "The growth of our networks reinforces to us that we're providing a lot of value to our association partners, which is a central part of Lead Marvels' mission. And, as each network expands, so do the business development opportunities for companies looking to align their brands with professional associations."

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