How to Evaluate Your Lead Gen Content: A Scorecard

Lead gen rockstars know how to use content to boost their incoming lead numbers. But what are the qualities of content that motivate form registrations?

The modern world is a boisterous place where even the savviest B2B marketing messaging struggles to breakthrough. News and advertisements, never-ending social media scrolls, and overflowing inboxes bombard consumers and business owners.

People now spend an average of 479 minutes every day interacting with media. That translates to roughly 8 hours per day, more time than we spend sleeping. This means there are plenty of opportunities to reach your ideal customer — but only if your content stands out.

Content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing. And when potential buyers engage with appealing content, 76 percent will register and share their contact information. In other words, the best way to drive lead generation and motivate prospective customers to fill out a registration form is with engaging, valuable content created specifically for your target audience.

So, how do you create content that provides value, sets you apart, and generates leads? Let’s explore some specific criteria for high-quality content that reaches the right audience, addresses their particular problems, and helps build trust and loyalty in the process.

Put in the effort: Is the content targeted for the intended audience?

Capturing the attention and trust of buyers is the most significant obstacle for 36 percent of marketers, according to SurveyMonkey. And in the B2B world, prospects are often even more discerning than the average consumer. So how do you reach them?

Remember that your prospects consist of the individuals who make up each business. And every one of them has spent countless hours (and probably years) working to become an expert in their field. Your content must reflect that knowledge and provide expertise and value to earn their trust. General, superficial information isn’t good enough in B2B marketing. Your lead gen content must be thoughtful, informative, and targeted to your prospect’s specific niche to set you apart.

Your content must also show an in-depth and nuanced understanding of your audience’s business and industry. You can’t expect prospective customers to take you seriously if you don’t offer them the same respect.

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How to Grow Your Sales Pipeline

How to Grow Your Sales Pipeline

Know your audience: Does the content provide tangible value?

Businesses now face unprecedented levels of disruption from both external and internal forces. According to a recent study, 94 percent of companies are contending with drastic changes in their industries and are under pressure to rethink strategies and processes to keep pace. Additionally, 61 percent say they are not prepared to address competitor-driven market disruption.

Your prospective customers are hungry for information and solutions. Make your content a crucial part of their educational process, and you will create an enormous brand advantage.

To develop effective, relevant, and engaging lead gen content, you must first identify and understand the unique challenges and problems facing those you’re trying to reach. If you can pinpoint specific pain points and stressors through your content, you will earn their trust and begin to convert them into loyal customers.

Those who find your information useful are nearly three times more likely to experience a high degree of purchase ease and three times more likely to do more business with your company with less regret, according to Gartner.

Timely and relevant lead gen content that focuses on your prospects’ specific challenges and offers meaningful solutions translates directly into measurable results.

Become a true (thought) leader: Is the content authoritative?

Nearly 90 percent of B2B decision-makers say thought leadership content impacts their view of an organization, according to Edelman. The majority agree that this type of content provides a more reliable gauge of company trustworthiness than other forms of media, like product guides or marketing materials.

But what are the ingredients for authentic thought leadership?

A recent SurveyMonkey survey of professional marketers found that for content to be viewed as thought leadership, it must:

  • Be educational
  • Drive action
  • Leverage data
  • Say something new
  • Provoke discussion

There are a lot of self-proclaimed thought leaders out there. Nothing will cause a prospect or client to tune out faster than self-promotional or “salesly” language. Instead, demonstrate your expertise in a way that provides tangible value for a lead you hope to soon convert into a customer. As they come to see you as a consistent source of useful, quality content, you will gain trust and authority, positioning your brand as a reliable partner.

Set your priorities: Is the content professional?

Decision-makers are saturated with content from countless sources, including your competitors. At the same time, emails and websites are littered with false information, poor design, and bland, generic writing that offers little value. Differentiating yourself requires doing more — and that means prioritizing high-quality content development.

Earning the trust of discerning professionals and business leaders calls for an investment of both time and money. Unfortunately, many marketers try to cut corners or find easy solutions, but this only creates an opportunity for your content to shine. Trying to go cheap on content is likely to backfire. Invest in content development accordingly.

Your content is a direct reflection of your brand. You must hold it to the same high standards as other aspects of your business. To attain a level of quality that impresses your audience and gains their trust, your lead-gen content must be well-researched, well-written, and designed to stand out.

Nearly two-thirds of B2B content consumers strongly agree they have higher preferences for credible content from industry influencers. In other words, investment in high-quality content will pay off.

Be productive: Is the content “actionable”?

Creating a valuable relationship with prospects and clients requires a commitment to a long-term strategy that includes a steady stream of content-based touchpoints to influence the buyer’s journey. And while the subject matter should be tailored to specific stages in the decision-making process, it’s also vital that each touchpoint contains fresh, energetic content that will inspire and motivate further action — especially the first touch, the white paper or guide you use to run your lead gen campaign.

Here are a few questions to help assess whether a piece of content can be considered “actionable":

  • Does it give the audience a clear path toward the next steps?
  • Does the reader have a way to contact your company if they are ready to speak with a salesperson?
  • If they’re not yet ready for the next step, does the reader have a way to seek more information?

Content that provides necessary information and a clear-cut call to action (CTA) is far more likely to produce the results you seek. In fact, most people who read headline copy also read CTA copy, while emails that include at least one CTA increase sales by up to 1617%.

Top-notch content is a key part of any lead-gen campaign, but don’t underestimate the importance of guiding the prospect’s informational journey by including actionable next steps.

How does your content stack up?

According to marketing expert and author Andrew David, “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

Your content heavily influences prospects' impressions of your company. Strong content earns trust among prospective buyers, but if it misses the mark, it will quickly derail a potential relationship and send prospects elsewhere.

By ensuring that your content aligns with the features outlined above, you can create content that builds trust among potential buyers and showcases your company’s expertise and authority, leading to more successful engagements.

Wondering how your content stacks up? Use our lead gen scorecard below to measure your content’s probable impact.

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