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How to Use a Digital Resource Library to Fund New Member Initiatives: A Handbook
Associations of all sizes in all industries and exploring new initiatives to drive member loyalty and attract new members. If funding new member programs is a challenge, this handbook will explain how a “next-gen” Resource Library can monetize third-party content to grow a reliable and recurring stream of monthly non-dues revenue.
White Paper
How to Use Content Strategy as a Member Engagement Tool
The demand for information among your professional members is at an all-time high, and the traditional event-based model of member engagement is inadequate. In the latest installment in our Association Executive Guide Series, learn how your association’s content strategy can be a much more powerful lever to influence your organizational mission while increasing member engagement and growing loyalty.
Case Study
How the ACC Responded to Sponsors' Needs and Created a Six-Figure Revenue Stream
The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC) was hearing a common refrain among its sponsors and advertisers and needed to find a new solution, more aligned with its partners’ business needs. Here’s the story of how they did it, while also generating nearly $1 million in non-dues revenue in the process.
Two Association Leaders Share How They Deepened Member Engagement While Growing Non-Dues Revenue
To grow revenue, meet sponsors’ lead-generation needs, and improve member education, two national associations introduced Resource Libraries. Executives from the Association of Corporate Counsel and the American Public Transportation Association spoke during a recent roundtable discussion about how they did it.
Press Release
Lead Marvels Delivered $1.3 Million in Non-Dues Revenue to its Association Partners in 2022
The company now has more than 100 association and publisher partners as it continues its expansion into new industry verticals.
Not All Sources of Non-Dues Revenue Are Equal: A 7-Step Guide for Association Leaders to Evaluate NDR
Fortunately, there is no shortage of non-dues revenue opportunities for associations to explore. But with so many options available and limited resources to pursue them, which solutions are right for your organization? Use this handy 7-step guide to evaluate which NDR solutions will best align with your organizational mission. Plus, download our complimentary NDR scorecard.
Non Dues-A-Palooza Expert Series: Drive Deeper Member Engagement While Growing Non-Dues Revenue
Hear how two associations, each facing specific obstacles, were able to not only commercialize material that enhanced member engagement but also create a positive source of net new non-dues revenue during our final Expert Series of the year.
How to Use Learning Paths in Your Association Content Strategy
Online and remote learning are in high demand — particularly among younger demographics needed to keep association membership strong. But are associations losing ground to other sources of online training? Find out how learning paths to educational material housed within a Resource Library can give associations a way to offer this popular form of engagement-boosting training with little-to-no internal resource commitment.
3 Unique Association Content Ideas to Boost Member Engagement
The key to building and sustaining member engagement is to provide your members with a steady stream of valuable content. If your association wants to step up its content game, try these underutilized but easy-to-implement content formats — and check out the examples shared by associations that have mastered them.